Learn how we started about what drives us about the TriFOLD


The Birth Of The Unique Design

The TryFOLD sign was created by Tim Murray, an active Real Estate Agent.  Tim Murray is a seasoned Real Estate Agent for 20+ yrs and hosted hundreds if not thousands of open houses during his career. He tried every A-frame sign known to man. One day while searching for the next right A-frame sign, he realized that they all had their own flaws.  Either they were too light, too heavy, too big, too small or just plan awkward to transport.  So Tim decided to create his own.  That’s where the TryFOLD sign was born.


The last sign you will ever need!

The TryFOLD sign is made from high-grade durable material, making it both light and strong. The unique folding design allows the sign to be folded flat for easy transport in the trunk or back seat of your car. The TryFOLD signs come with a custom carrying handle and wheels for easy mobility. The sign also has rounded corners which allow it to easily be stood up against a wall or other surface, and the special locking mechanism ensures that your sign will stay upright throughout your open house.

The TryFOLD sign is perfect for Real Estate Agents who are looking for an easy-to-use and transport sign. Tim continues to search for new and improved ways to make the TryFOLD sign even better. He is constantly working on ways to improve the product so that Real Estate Agents can have the best A-frame sign available.

The TryFOLD sign is now a must-have item for any Agent who wants to make an impression and attract more buyers to their open house. With the TryFOLD sign, you can be sure that your open house will be a success!